Information Security

Network Monitoring at UNT

The University of North Texas (UNT), Information Security Team has implemented network monitoring software and hardware devices that allows our Security Team to monitor inbound and outbound network communications in accordance with the following related  Policies / Guidelines / Laws :


 UNT Information Resources Security Policy 3.6UNT Computer Use Policy 3.10UNT Network Connections Policy 3.11 TACPolicies / Laws


Users of the University's computer systems should be aware that computer use may be subject to review or disclosure in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act and other laws; administrative review of computer use for security purposes or in regard to a policy or legal compliance concern; computer system maintenance; audits and as otherwise required to protect the reasonable interests of the University and other users of the computer system. Anyone using the University's computer systems expressly consents to monitoring on the part of the University for these purposes and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, University administration may provide that evidence to law enforcement officials. Further, all users should understand that the University is unable to guarantee the protection of electronic files, data or e-mails from unauthorized or inappropriate access.